Curious about your Human Design?

I'd love to guide you through the basics.

Your energy is the most precious resource you have. The world needs that gift only you have, and since you can’t clone yourself, it’s crucial to learn what’s vital for you to do and what is not.

The energy of your business is also reflected in who you are. We can tap into this energy and gain deeper self-awareness and a level of understanding of what your gifts are and how you work. Understanding your design can help you to stay aligned and on track, but also to let go of what is holding you back from fulfilling your true purpose and potential.

A Human Design chart reading starts with the calculation of your design using your date of birth, time of birth, and birth location. The next step is to start analyzing the different aspects of your unique chart.


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"Your website is pretty interesting to read and nicely build. When I requested a reading, I loved that you responded quickly and positively. The reading was quite extensive. What amazed me was the information about the profile, authority, and the interaction/relationship of the centers and channels (which was new to me). I learned from this reading that waiting for an invitation and listening more to my inner authority helps me to be more in tune with myself, nature, and surroundings. It gives me a more relaxed and accepting attitude towards life. Also, I need to practice better listening to the need to take rest. The reading in its whole definitely spoke to me."

Sheila Haanstra-van Kan — Holistic Therapist

How does this work?

What you may expect:

  • An insightful, customized reading designed to impact you;
  • Before we start, I will ask you some question through a form on my website. I use your answers to personalize and tailor your reading to best support your needs;
  • An intuitive interpretation of your chart with your answers in mind. I zoom into your energy and break down your chart  offering practical suggestions based on your unique design;
  • I will also include a self-care guide because I know how important it is these days to really take care of yourself, so that you'll be able to be of more service to others;
  • Your reading arrives to your inbox within one to two weeks. You receive an audio recording of my voice interpreting your chart, along with a chart booklet and self-care guide to follow along with.
  • Bonus: lifetime access to my online Human Design community to connect with like-minded people.


Order your chart reading — €222 →

Listen to an excerpt from a reading I did for a Projector client:

This is what you get:

  • Audio recording (45 - 60 minutes);
  • A transcript of your reading;
  • Your Human Design chart;
  • A little booklet with information on your type;
  • A self-care guide for you personally;
  • A follow-up through e-mail;
  • Languages: English or Dutch.


Order your chart reading — €222 →

"I subscribed to your Human Design newsletter and found your e-mails very interesting to read. You radiate a particular trust and professionality. The reading I got from you gave me more insight into myself. What inspired me the most is knowing that I’m a Manifesting Generator and need to wait for signs from the Universe, instead of just doing and initiating things. That is true. I noticed in my life that it works that way."

Nathalie Ghyllebert — Energetic therapist & healer


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