Hi, my name is Daisy.

For years, I wasn't able to sustain myself as an entrepreneur. I tried everything in the book, invested thousands of euros in business programs, worked tirelessly on my mindset, but nothing seemed to work.

After being more than 12 years in business, I wanted to throw in the towel. And yet, working on my business was the only thing that seemed to light up my day.

Then I discovered Human Design...
... and everything changed.

I can't wait to share this gift with you, for I know this is the answer you may probably be looking for.

I'm passionate about Human Design and building a soulful business.

I'm in business since 2005, originally as a Reiki therapist and vocal coach turned business and life coach.
I discovered Human Design at the beginning of 2019, right after my grandmother died. First, I didn't think much of it, but it kept on coming back into my awareness, and so I decided to give it a chance.
Wow! Truly mind blowing!
I knew right away that Human Design would become my main focus for many years to come. It changed my entire view of doing business. And I couldn't wait to share that knowledge and insights with my favorite tribe (you, my fellow soulpreneur).
Apart from that, I'm a 5/1 emotional Projector, married to Kevin, and mom to 3 fur babies: Max, Reba, and Muffin.

I'm genuinely fascinated by human behavior, and so that's my main focus when I'm writing, guiding, and sharing: learning to understand why we behave the way we do and how that is (not) helping us to create the life and business we love.

What clients say...

Daisy share honestly from her own experiences, and looks at the situation with great understanding. I’m 100% sure that she only wants what's best for your clients. A person like her, I want to keep close to me.

Charlotte Boogaerts

Singer & songwriter

Daisy is a wonderfully warm person. She does business with her heart. She tells openly and honestly about her quests and explorations. You get valuable tips about doing business as a solopreneur!

Janien Leeuwerke

Coach & trainer

I approached Daisy because I got stuck with the growth of my business. The way she approaches her business appealed to me. Her approach is very professional, thorough, and — most importantly — from the heart.

Carolijn Vet

Relationship therapist

Some frequently asked questions answered...

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First of all, I am not a certified Human Design analyst, nor do I aim to become one.
As a Projector and having a 1-line profile, studying, researching, and exploring is what I do on a daily basis. My focus is mainly on knowing the other. And I had my fair share of life experiences as well.

Apart from being in business for 15+ years, I often attend courses and training, both live and self-study.
Below you can find a list of my most relevant training so far.

Human Behavior

  • Practical Psychology  — Sorag Akademie
  • Psycho- and Behavioral Therapy — Sorag Akademie
  • Life Coaching — Civas
  • Healing the Mother Wound — Bethany Webster

Human Design

  • Living Your Design — Human Design America
  • Human Design Level 1 — Karen Curry Parker
  • various Human Design courses — Karen Curry Parker
  • various Human Design courses — Jenna Zoe


  • B-School — Marie Forleo International
  • The Copy Cure — Marie Forleo International
  • List Builder's Society — Amy Porterfield

In addition, I was also trained as a Reiki therapist (Usui Shiki Ryôhô level 3 — Reiki Master), as a classical pianist, and as a classical, pop, and jazz vocalist. I ran a successful vocal coaching practice for 12 years, working with singers in all walks of music, both amateurs and (semi) professionals. For a short time, I worked as a virtual assistant because of my talent for online technique, before returning to what I love the most: coaching.