Insights on Pricing

How confident are you when it comes to pricing your services? Getting night sweats because you feel your price is too high and no one will buy?

Especially if you're a coach, therapist, or selling your knowledge, insights and services, I can truly imaging that pricing can be a source of stress and anxiety for you.

In this online course, I'm sharing all my pricing insights with you.

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Pricing isn't an easy subject...

... especially if you're not running a webshop with physical products. 
Maybe you are a coach as well, or an infopreneur, a therapist or consultant. 
So, how do you price your services?

We're not working with food costs, raw materials, packaging, delivery costs, and profit margins. Although some of these elements may be a part of your business, in most cases, you work on an hourly basis, create courses, facilitate training, or sell coaching packages.

So, where do you start when it concerns setting the right price for your service? 
How can you know for sure it is the right price?

I know a lot of entrepreneurs feel insecure when it comes to asking for money. 
I know the feeling when a client asks: "And, how much does it cost?" 

No more!

In this online course, I'll help you to set prices with more confidence and ease.

Excluding 21% VAT
(VAT applicable to EU customers only)

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