How I build my business these days

Multiple people asked me: "So, Daisy, how are you building your business these days, now that you encountered Human Design?"

I think it's time to answer this question ;-)

I've been building businesses for more than ten years...

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The Money Line

A few of you have been asking me about the notorious "Money Line", aka The Channel of Money that connects Gate 21 and Gate 45 in your chart, if that particular channel is defined. This Channel connects the Ego Center with the Throat...

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Business and value

"You can't do business beyond your own sense of value," I hear my teacher Karen Curry Parker say during on of our Q&A group calls.

Wow, that one really hit me!

If your own sense of value is not strong enough, you're going to...

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How to pay the bills easily as a Projector in business?

Having to pay the bills ánd being an entrepreneur can be a frustrating thing. Especially when you're a Projector.

Looking around, I see a lot of Projectors struggling with building a successful business, and I was one of...

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My top 10 online tools to build my business

business marketing Aug 14, 2019

I get so many questions about online tools these days.
I know for sure that it can be a pain in the *ss finding the right tool to build your business online.

Through the years, I've researched and used lots of tools, and these are the...

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