What is Human Design?

human design Sep 01, 2019

Human Design is an excellent coaching tool, founded by Alan Krakower in 1987. In January of that same year, Alan encountered a “light” and a “voice” in his room on the island of Ibiza, which gave him the entire Human Design System for eight days, while a supernova, 1987A, happened. From then on, Alan went through life under the name of Ra Uru Hu.

After 1987, Ra was compelled to share this information with the world. For the next 16 years, Ra would travel the world to transmit and teach this extraordinary system.

It sounds like a good story, doesn’t it?

If it happened this way, we’ll probably never know. But what I can say is: Ra claimed that everyone on this planet received the Human Design System at the same time Ra received this information through that “light” and that “voice”. Stardust, aka the neutrino stream, is hitting our heads consistently, sprinkling new information on us. It’s also in this way that we have all received the Human Design System back then.

Ra was a bit of a loner, though, and seen that he was a Manifestor, he had no access to sustainable energy. Those 16 years of traveling the world left him exhausted and angry most of the time. Even though Ra passed away in 2011, the Human Design System is still mutating around the world, leaving us with a beautiful way to heal the planet.

But what is Human Design?

It’s a cutting-edge personality tool that is not only practical, simple, and reliable, but also life-changing. Whenever I’m working with Human Design as a coaching tool, people feel seen and recognized for who they truly are. It is not a psychic tool, though: it cannot predict the future. It merely maps out a unique blueprint of your personality, how you use energy, what your life purpose is, and how you can understand and take advantage of your strengths and wisdom.

This may all sound a bit woo-woo, I know.
Human Design is mostly esoteric science, combining Eastern and Western astrology, the Judaic Kabbalah, the Chinese I'Ching, the Hindu Chakra System, quantum physics, and bio-genetics. Human Design is an accurate and reliable decision-making tool, a concrete strategy for knowing how to make the right decisions in your life, under any circumstances.

Those elements are visually displayed in, what we call, the Rave Mandala:

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