The Money Line

A few of you have been asking me about the notorious "Money Line", aka The Channel of Money that connects Gate 21 and Gate 45 in your chart, if that particular channel is defined. This Channel connects the Ego Center with the Throat Center.

Why notorious?
Well, since Donald Trump became well-known for his material egoism, and obsession with power, this Channel is often mentioned, for it is the Channel that holds the energy of materialism, money and controlling others.

But that's because Donald Trump doesn't use this energy in the way it is meant to be used. He's actually expressing this energy from his not-self, harming a lot of people in the process. 

The Energy of this Channel is manifested energy. That means that it connects a motor Center to the Throat, so that the energy from this motor Center (in this case: the Ego Center) can be manifested into the world.

This Channel is all about taking control, but also about serving the community. 
It's the voice of authority but in a good way. At least, if you use it well.

Finding a balance between the two Gates can be a challenge, though. 

My husband has this Channel defined, with Gate 21 in his conscious Personality, and Gate 45 in his unconscious Design.

He is aware of his leadership qualities and uses it every day at work, keeping his team on track. He also realizes the unconscious drive to need and buy material things, which sometimes results in us arguing about unnecessary expenses, haha. Since he's aware of this, he has been deconditioning a lot in the past few years.

But what strikes me most is this: he tends to make money easily, while serving the community and the people around him. They recognize his talents and leadership gifts, so he has been able to put them to work and get well-paid for it.

I, on the other hand, not having this Channel defined, am struggling all my life with the ability to sustain myself financially. In the past, I was forced to lean on my husband for financial support numerous times, and to this day, I still struggle sometimes to contribute sufficiently. 

Luckily for me, my husband and I have a healthy and loving relationship. We made strong agreements in how we run our household, and we gave each other enough space to follow our dreams, even if that means that one of us has to bring in more money for a while. 

It is actually quite logical if you think about it. The Ego Center is also the Center where your sense of value is based, your sense of self-worth, and being of value to the world. For me, that has always been a tricky thing, even though my Ego Center is defined.

Having a Center defined doesn't mean that you cannot suffer from conditioning. I grew up in a family with undefined Ego Centers. Self-worth and value have always been a struggle for us. I'm the only one with a defined Ego Center, while my parents and my only sibling have undefined Ego Centers. The conditioning was definitely there. I can promise you that.

With the Money Line energy activated in your chart, you're here to embrace and master the material plane. You're designed to make money through your will power. The challenge is to put your will power to use in a way that is not only protecting your own interests but also serving the community. That's where it often went wrong with Donald, I presume ;-)

With this energy, you need certain independence and a feeling of having control, instead of being controlled. Working hard is not a problem for you, but you work best as an independent entrepreneur, rather than working for a boss. And yes, my husband is an entrepreneur as well. I know he's very fond of that freedom.

You need to follow your own natural rhythm so that you can be in control of what you do and when you do it. It can be difficult for you to rely on people and delegate responsibility. You feel uncomfortable with others controlling you in any way. This can cause a lot of stress.

You have a natural gift to provide and make money. But, to be of service, you need full support and cooperation from your community. Providing and making money cannot be only a benefit to you, it also must serve the community, if you want to use this energy in the right way.

On the other hand, the only way to become materially successful is by doing everything yourself. Be careful, though, to not become too ego-centered.  Keep following your Strategy and listen to your Authority. Otherwise, you could meet a lot of resistance, criticism, and anger in others.

Think about the conditioning that is going on when it comes to money: so many of us struggle with money beliefs that do not serve us well. They keep us small. They keep us from having the success we deserve. And even if you have this Channel activated, that doesn't mean that you are free from money blocks that are holding you back. The money blocks can still be there and distort this energy in a bad way.

Also, there can be a struggle over how and when to spend money. However, when you recognize your unique gifts of control and influence, the energy of this Channel can be powerful leadership for the greater good of the community.

People with this channel have the education and the control to understand and direct financial dealings on a more sophisticated level. For example, the stock market, banks, business enterprises, investments, etc. That's why we often see brokers, bankers, managers, and enterprise CEO's with this Channel defined (not always, though).

I'm curious about you: do you have this Channel, or part of this Channel defined? What does money mean to you? Do you experience money beliefs that are holding you back? Do you struggle to make money? 

It doesn't have to be the Donald-way.
You can do so much good for the world if you acknowledge this gift of leadership in yourself while following your Strategy and listening to your Authority. This way, you can stay true to yourself, and live the life you were born to have, which is always in service of the greater good of us all.

The thing is: you're part of the cosmic plan, whether you want it or not. If you mess with this energy, you'll pay the bill, sooner or later. With the big shift that is coming in 2027, Trump-figures will no longer be supported by the community.

According to the Human Design System, we're now entering an era of a new, sustainable economy. You've seen the signs, haven't you? It's only a matter of time before the "old ways" will crumble into decay, making space for something new. 

I cannot say what exactly is going to happen in 2027, nor does anyone know how much time it will take to make the long-needed changes visible for everyone. What I know for sure is that the change is coming, because it has always been part of the cosmic plan. 2027 is another milestone in this process.

Stay tuned! 
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