Tackling procrastination

I received several questions from people with different energy types on how to tackle procrastination. So, I thought it would be interesting to shine a light on this subject :-)

The thing is: most people look at time management when they struggle with procrastination. From a Human Design perspective, it is more important to look at your energy management instead.

Take some time to be still, breathe, and ask yourself these questions:

  • How do I feel right now? 
  • Am I tired, energized, ...? Do I feel exhausted in some way? 
  • How does my body feel? Where in my body do I feel it?
  • Am I focusing on priorities?
  • Do I have clarity?

Human Design maps out our unique energetic blueprint.
That's why it's essential not to try to "think" about procrastination, because it will often result in more frustration and less action, but to be aware of what's happening in our body the moment we become conscious about our procrastinating behavior.

Also, on your Human Design chart, you'll discover different aspects that are interesting to look at, when it comes to procrastination:

  • Which energy type do you have? 
  • What Authority do you need to listen to?
  • Which Centers in your chart are defined, undefined, or open?

Let's first take a look at your energy type.
The way you handle procrastination as a Manifestor can be totally different from the way you treat it as a Generator, for example.

Manifestors tend to thrive on putting ideas and inspiration into action. They experience intense bursts of energy to make things happen, but... after a while, they need to take time to rest and refuel.

One of the reasons a Manifestor would procrastinate is because there's just not enough energy to go forward. Another reason could be that you feel you have to finish a specific project, before starting another one, while Manifestors are not the type of people who usually finish things. That's more of a Generator type of thing.

Generators, on the other hand, because their Sacral Center is defined, have sustainable energy to keep going for a long time. But, if they don't do what they love, they could suffer from procrastination, because the energy won't be there, and frustration will arise.

You see, depending on your energy type, the approach can be very different.

Also, if you're not listening to your Authority, procrastination can become a thing, because in that case, you won't be aligned with your true nature and inner guidance. The Universe has this thing for letting you know when you're not aligned: everything seems to stagnate or falls to pieces. It's a sign to have you making the necessary changes.

Procrastination is often a sign from the Universe that you're no longer aligned with who you truly are. Or that you're making decisions that are not right for you. Your Authority is all about how you're designed to tap into your intuition and make decisions that are good or right for you at that moment. 

For example, people who you Splenic Authority, need to connect with the wisdom of their bodies. This Authority enhances you to make an instant decision based on your intuition. But, if you're not connected with your body, if you're making decisions solely from your mind, it will never really feel right for you. Therefore, you're more likely to procrastinate.

My advice for people with Splenic Authority would be: become aware of your body, connect with your body, FEEL your body. Do whatever you need to reconnect: like dancing, yoga, going for walks in nature, work out, etc. so that you can tap into that body wisdom, and make decisions that feel right and drive you to take action.

And then there are also the Centers in your chart.
Some of these Centers will be defined (= colored in), which means that you can tap into specific sustainable energy, but where your Centers are undefined or open (= white), you're absorbing energy from people around you. It influences your behavior a great deal, especially when you're not aware of it.

If your Ego Center is undefined or open, for example, you cannot tap into sustainable will power energy. This means that, when you're around people who have defined Ego Centers, you could feel like having the will power to do anything. But once you're back home alone, that energy is not there anymore, and whatever you had planned could fall to pieces.

And if your Sacral Center is undefined or open, you're not always aware that you're overstepping your own boundaries. People with open Sacral Centers don't always know when enough is enough, so they keep going, on borrowed energy (or energy they don't have), only to realize that they're not able to deliver. 

Not having the energy for something is often the reason why we procrastinate. Our society pressures us to be productive and busy all the time, but if that doesn't align with who we truly are and how we naturally move through life, then you're going to get stuck.

Doing what you're not supposed to do, is another reason why we procrastinate: we're pushing things, forcing our way through life, as a Manifestor would do, but if you're not a Manifestor, you'll get exhausted, frustrated, disappointed or bitter, and that's a recipe for procrastination.

There isn't just one answer to the question.
But the solution is definitely is in your chart. It depends on the various aspects I mentioned in this newsletter, and then some more: you also have Gates and Channels to look at and your Profile.

Sometimes, it can also be a temporary thing, depending on where we are at in the current energy flow of the Universe, according to the position of the stars and planets.

An interesting subject, isn't it?

Stay tuned! 
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