Promises, promises

ego center human design Dec 03, 2019

Have you ever experienced something like this?

You're at an exciting seminar learning all kinds of new stuff.
The air is filled with possibilities. It's exhilarating.
You feel like you can conquer the world.

"Are you ready to take your life to the next level?"

You hear him yelling it from the stage.
The crowd goes wild.

You can't wait to get started.
A fresh new start.

"Let's do it," you shout along with the crowd.

Then it's time to go home.

The day after, you still feel like you're in heaven.
Everything feels new. It's like you were reborn.
There was a life before that seminar. And now there's a life after the seminar.

But the second day, the feeling starts to fade.
Before you know it, you're back in your daily routine.

And after a while, you realize nothing has changed.

HELP?! What happened?

It's quite common, you know, to experience something like this after being at a group event.

The chances are big that you have an open or undefined Ego center, just like 63% of the world's population.

The Ego center is also called the Heart center. It's the little red triangle (in your case, it may be white) in the middle, on the left of your chart.

This center stands for will power. And whoever has this center defined (colored in) can tap from sustainable will power energy.

This means that only about 37% of the world's population can keep their promises. Ouch!

Still, if you're at a group event and your trainer or host has a defined Ego center, it's hard not to go with the excitement of making promises and saying "yes" to things you will probably have a hard time to fulfill once you're back home.

It's quite normal. 

Whenever you're around people with a defined Ego center (like me!), it feels natural to make promises you can't keep. Lol!

We have that effect on people with undefined or open Ego centers because whenever you're around us, you take in our will power energy and amplify it.

So, even though you don't have a defined Ego center, if you're around someone with a defined Ego center, you will probably the first one to shout out: "Let's do it!"

You take in that energy through your open Ego center, and you amplify it. It feels like you can tackle whatever issue is showing on your path.

But at that time, you're not aware that it is not your energy. It's other people's energy.

So, when you go home, there's suddenly no energy there to tap from. You're back in your own energy, and with an undefined Ego center, your will power is not sustainable.

Two days later... you know the rest of this story.

Whenever I work with clients with undefined Ego centers, they make all kinds of promises to me but hardly ever follow-through. I didn't know this before I discovered Human Design. So I got frustrated, angry, and disappointed a lot. I started to distrust people because they did not keep their promises to me.

It's something you can consider while working with clients, especially if you are working as a coach, therapist, or some kind of transformational guide or motivator.

I know some of you struggle with clients who don't follow through on what you say or ask them (or what they say and promise to you).

Now you know that it's quite normal. It is not always a "mindset" thing.

And people shouldn't feel bad about themselves because they can't help it. It's just the way they're designed. They just don't have the sustainable will power to push through. 

You can actually help them get aware of this behavior and support them in making promises they can keep, or not making promises at all. 

And if you have an open Ego center, it's something you can work on, too. You were maybe asking yourself why you couldn't find the motivation to follow-through or walk your talk, feeling like a fraud or a hypocrite toward your clients for advising them what you can't seem to practice yourself.

Don't be hard on yourself. It's normal. You just don't have sustainable will power energy to tap from.

You could either find comfort in a friend or colleague who has a defined Ego center if you really want to follow through on something. He or she can be your accountability partner, lending you some will power energy for when you really need it.

But be careful. That energy is never yours, so you can't keep it. You will eventually have to disconnect, otherwise, it is easy to burn yourself out.

Anyhow, interesting stuff, isn't it?

There's a lot more to tell about the Ego center because this center also has four gates that tell you more about how you express your energy. But it's a bit too much to get into. This e-mail is already getting too long ;-)

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Stay tuned! 
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