How to study your Human Design chart?

human design Oct 01, 2019

Whether you study your chart through an internet search, books, or podcasts, it is always interesting to know how to start. The Human Design System can be overwhelming at first and is quite complicated and profound, but there is a structure to it.

Of course, the first step is to calculate your chart.
Luckily for us, living in the internet era, we don't have to calculate our body graph manually. Smart people have invented software to do that part for you.

There are several options to calculate your chart for free:

It's especially important to fill out your time of birth as accurate as possible if you want to dive deep into your chart in the future. If you don't know your time of birth, no worries, you can still download different charts from that day (or around your possible time of birth) and compare them to find the most accurate one. An experienced Human Design analyst or reader can help you with that.

Now that you have your chart let's take the next step.

Your Energy or Aura Type

In Human Design, there are five different Energy or Aura Types. Each Type is associated with a particular way energy operates. Each Type has a different aura. The Centers on your chart determine your Type, and what they are connected to.

The five Types are:

  • Manifestors: approx. 9% of the world's population
  • Generators: approx. 37% of the world's population
  • Manifesting Generators: approx. 33% of the world's population
  • Projectors: approx. 20% of the world's population
  • Reflectors: approx. 1% of the world's population

This is the most common part of Human Design that is studied by people, although it's a bit dangerous to generalize everything into these five Types. There's a lot more to it than humanity just divided in five groups of people. But it's a good start for you to explore Human Design as a beginner.


Every Energy Type has a specific Strategy. Your Strategy is the way you make decisions and be in the world:

  • Manifestor Strategy: to inform
  • Generator Strategy: to wait to respond
  • Manifesting Generator Strategy: to wait to respond and to inform
  • Projector Strategy: to wait for the invitation (and recognition)
  • Reflector Strategy: to wait at least 28 days

The thing is: if you don't follow your Strategy, you will meet with a lot of resistance. This resistance can lead to burnout or make you become not fully present in certain parts of your life.

Not being aligned is called the not-self. In that case, you're not living true to yourself. Each energy type has a not-self emotional theme. For example, a Manifestor who's not aligned with who he or she truly is will probably encounter a lot of anger in his or her life.

To lead a happy life, it is vital to know yourself and learn how to align with how you're wired initially as a human being. You would be amazed by how much deconditioning we all need to be able to follow our Strategy. Although we only scratched the surface of the Human Design System, learning more about your Strategy can already change a lot in your life.


The next aspect you should look at is your Authority.
Your Authority will influence how you live your Strategy. It's how you come to your own resolve when faced with a decision. You could also call it your inner guidance: the wisdom of your body that you connect with to get a "yes" or a "no".

There are seven different kinds of Authority:

  • Solar Plexus Authority
  • Sacral Authority
  • Splenic Authority
  • Ego Manifested Authority & Ego Projected Authority
  • Self-Projected Authority
  • Environmental Authority
  • Lunar Authority

Following your Strategy and listening to your Authority are the most critical aspects of deconditioning, and living an authentic life. But there's more... lots more.


You can also look at your Profile because this gives you information on how you move through life, how you learn and interact with others. It also tells you more about the way others perceive your energy. 

There are 12 profiles in the Human Design System:

  • 1/3 — Investigator/Martyr
  • 1/4 — Investigator/Opportunist
  • 2/4 — Hermit/Opportunist
  • 2/5 — Hermit/Heretic
  • 3/5 — Martyr/Heretic
  • 3/6 — Marty/Role Model
  • 4/1 — Opportunist/Investigator
  • 4/6 — Opportunist/Role Model
  • 5/1 — Heretic/Investigator
  • 5/2 — Heretic/Hermit
  • 6/2 — Role Model/Hermit
  • 6/3 — Role Model/Martyr

Working with clients, I saw a lot of "aha-moment" faces when I talked about Profiles. A lot of my clients suddenly come to understand why they show certain behaviors and preferences when it comes to interacting with others. I'm sure that this could also be very interesting for you to look at.


If we go a little deeper into your chart, we can also look at the different Centers in your chart. In the Human Design System, there are nine Centers.

Each of the Centers stands for processing particular kinds of energy. The Centers that are colored in are called defined Centers. They radiate energy out in the world. The Centers that are white are called undefined or open Centers. Through those Centers, you receive and amplify energy from others.

Gates and Channels

And there's more: the different Centers have Gates. Two opposite Gates can activate a Channel. These are the red and black lines coming out of your Centers. A Channel is activated when two Gates form a continuous line connecting one Center with another.

Your Body Graph has 36 Channels. The red color stands for your unconscious Design or the themes of your life's purpose. The black color stands for your conscious Personality or the themes of your soul's purpose. Some Gates and Channels can be colored in both red and black at the same time.

Every Gate indicates specific characteristics and qualities of your personality and your energy, you may already know of, or are unconscious of.

With studying the Gates and Channels, your overall chart gets a little bit more complicated. This is the part where a lot of people don't even go because it's often a challenge to put all that information together to understand the whole of who you are. 

Either way, Gates and Channels are a great way to level up your Human Design studies, because here the real work begins. Putting all the pieces of the puzzle together can reveal so much more about your life than you could ever imagine. A lot of Human Design readers thrive on this part of the chart because here they can really put their intuitive gift to work to create an overall picture.

Also, Gates are fascinating when you want to understand your relationships with the people in your life. It often happens that the people you attract have the opposite Gate defined, which makes both of you activating a Channel together. If you're seeking guidance, it's also great to know that you can actively connect with people with opposite Gates defined, to unlock an absolute inner knowing inside of you, or find clarity.

It's also the part where I get really excited because we have now left the surface of the Human Design chart and dove into the unique design of your being.

Taking the next step

What I described in this blog is information to go on for years, I promise you. Most people don't need more information than this, but if you're serious about Human Design, there's lots more to explore:

  • your Incarnation Cross, which reveals your life's purpose,
  • the variables in your chart (the little arrows at the top of your chart, pointing left and right),
  • the Gates and Lines and the planets they're associated with (the numbers and symbols on the right and the left of your chart),
  • the Gates that are activated in the current position of the planets and stars, which do influence our lives as we speak,
  • etc.

Most of the information is available on the internet for free, but it takes an effort to put it all together. There are also plenty of books to read and courses to follow. You can also attend professional education to become a certified analyst or reader.

Not all of the information is accessible. Sometimes the information is written in a language that is quite difficult to interpret or understand. Sometimes it doesn't feel appealing even to start studying. That's also the reason why so many people nowadays choose to interpret the Human Design System in a more intuitive way, rather than considering the original language from the founder, Ra Uru Hu.

It is for that same reason, as well as not finding a traditional teacher that suits me, that I also decided not to get a certification. I love studying Human Design with different mentors and teachers, but also by reading transcripts, books, and taking the bits and pieces that really resonate with me.

People I love following are:

  • Karen Curry Parker — Karen studied with Ra Uru Hu and created her own version, called the Quantum Alignment System, which I like very much. She's very open-minded, unlike a lot of her colleagues.
  • Devon Martin — I love Devon's weekly transit reports on YouTube. She also does intuitive channelings on the transits, using different card decks and the Gene Keys.
  • Willow Rising — Willow makes beautiful Instagram posts and stories about Human Design.
  • Ardelia Lee — Ardelia has a great podcast on life as a Projector. She's also an entrepreneur and shares her business and marketing insights from a Human Design perspective as well.
  • Jaclyn Michelle — Jaclyn has written a lot about Human Design on her blog and also has a low-budget e-learning platform with lessons and Q&A's.

And I also can recommend some interesting books on Human Design: check my resources →

Stay tuned! 
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