How I build my business these days

Multiple people asked me: "So, Daisy, how are you building your business these days, now that you encountered Human Design?"

I think it's time to answer this question ;-)

I've been building businesses for more than ten years now on the internet. Some have been successful, some not that much. I'm trained in modern marketing throughout different courses I took in the course of the past few years, with B-School of Marie Forleo and List Builder's Society of Amy Porterfield, as two of the more known courses in my list.

I have a passion for marketing, but just as in Human Design, my marketing journey also needed a lot of "deconditioning". I was actually living from my Not-Self (mainly as a Manifestor or Generator, while I'm a Projector) when it came to marketing my business. Ouch!

So much has changed in my business since I discovered and learned more about Human Design.

Social media

I used to have multiple social media profiles to share my passions with the world. But being a Projector asked of me to re-evaluate that. After doing the marketing research and inner reflection, I ended up with only my Instagram profile and my Facebook page left. Yep, I first deleted my Linkedin profile and then my YouTube-account. And I have to say, my Instagram really got traction in a short time and is growing more than ever — the organic way. Facebook, not so much.

I don't have a ton of followers on Instagram, but the ones I got are quite engaged, and that means more to me than having thousands of disengaged followers. I love my Instagram audience. Lots of people who follow me are Human Design specialists or students like me, and because of exchanging each other's posts and stories, we help one another building our audiences. There's no such thing as competition ;-)

I don't actively market my offers on social media (or anywhere else). Being a Projector means that people run the other side whenever I try to "sell". Sharing my knowledge and my passions work better for me. I trust that the right people will recognize my talents and will invite me to work together. 

Apart from sharing knowledge and personal insights on Instagram and Facebook, I am still active in the Facebook groups I like. For example, the B-School community, the Insider's Club of Amy Porterfield, and the Official Kajabi User Community, to name a few. In those groups, I answer questions and give my opinion whenever it is asked. And that has worked really well for me so far.


The other thing I really needed to re-evaluate was the way I did ads. After investing a lot of money in multiple Facebook marketing courses, I finally threw in the towel. I'm growing my social media audience purely the organic way, but I am currently investing in Google Ads. What I discovered is that Google Ads work way better for me, because of the search terms as triggers, instead of my ideal audience as a trigger (which is mainly the trigger for Facebook and Instagram ads).

What I also discovered is that advertising in English is easier and more profitable than advertising in Dutch. Let's be honest, the market on Google and Facebook is really English-oriented, and not so much built for Dutch-speaking audiences. I immediately saw the results of my English ads going through the roof, while my Dutch ads never got traction.

E-mail marketing

The other thing I'm still very invested in is e-mail marketing. I love to write, so e-mail marketing is something that doesn't cost me that much energy. Thanks to Kajabi, I can send out e-mails from the same platform as where I build my website, my blog, and my courses. It saves me a ton of energy, time, and money.

I send out e-mails approximately once or twice a week, depending on my inspiration. Sometimes, I skip a week, or two, because I don't want to write just to be able to send something. I want it to be of value to my audience, so I respect their inboxes.


What I write in my e-mails, I also post as a blog on my website, like this one you're reading right now. My e-mail subscribers get the first scoop, and then some more. They're my first-row audience. 

I love the fact that blog posts push my website into a higher ranking on Google. For free. Writing about the subjects I care about is something Google also loves and rewards with more visitors to my website.

My Instagram followers and Facebook fans also get a scoop of what I'm writing about because after sending the e-mail and posting the blog, I also publish a post on Instagram and Facebook to notify my followers that there's a new blog post on my site. This way, I get site visitors from social media as well.

And that's it!
There's nothing more to it.

It maybe doesn't sound like much, but for a Projector like me, it's already a lot; I can promise you that.


  • I'm posting on Instagram and Facebook;
  • I'm engaged in Facebook groups;
  • I'm writing blogs;
  • I e-mail;
  • I advertise on Google.

That's how I build my business on the internet, and so far, everything goes great.
I have new worldwide clients regularly, and I have returning clients as well. 

To give you an idea:

  • I get most of my traffic and e-mail subscribers through Google;
  • Most of my clients found me on Instagram or through one of the Facebook groups I'm active in;
  • Most of my clients have been on my e-mail list for a while, before taking the next step. 

I still get to have enough free time and time to relax and wait for the right invitation (my Projector's Strategy), while in the meanwhile, working on my business and studying Human Design fulltime.

Stay tuned! 
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