Can Manifestors do something while waiting?

I received an interesting question: "Can Manifestors do something while waiting?"

Manifestors do not need to wait.
They can act immediately upon their ideas. 
They don't need permission from other people to do something.

Manifestors are the only energy type who don't need to wait before acting.
But they do need to inform anyone who is impacted by their actions. Upfront, before taking action.

The only reason a Manifestor should wait is when they have a specific Authority to listen to. Not all Authorities allow you to act right away.

For example:

  • If you have Solar Plexus (Emotional) Authority, then you need to ride the emotional wave first, before making a decision. That means that you will have to wait until you find emotional clarity. This takes at least a night's sleep.
  • If you have Ego (Manifested) Authority than you need to listen to what you "say" to know your truth. You need to verbalize whatever is coming up in your body, and whatever you blurt out at that moment (whatever bypasses your mind) is your truth. You can't just go ahead; you first need to talk about it. Your voice leads, then you act.

On the other hand,

  • If you have Splenic Authority, you don't need to wait. Your Splenic Authority reacts "in the moment". This gives you the opportunity to act spontaneously upon your Splenic intuition.

Manifestors cannot have Sacral Authority, because their Sacral Center is never defined. If your Sacral Center is defined, that will make you a Generator or a Manifesting Generator.

Manifestors also cannot have Environmental Authority or Lunar Authority because at least one motor Center should be connected to the Throat Center, and those motor Centers overrule all other Authorities. Having Environmental Authority would make you a Projector, and Lunar Authority is only associated with Reflectors.

So, what if you don't have Splenic Authority, and so you need to wait?
What can you do while waiting?

Like I already said, if you have Splenic Authority, you don't need to wait. You can go ahead and act on your impulses.

But if you have Solar Plexus or Ego (Manifested) Authority, you will need to be patient and ride the emotional wave first (Solar Plexus) or talk things through (Ego) to find clarity. This can be a tough thing to do for a Manifestor.

It could be very beneficial to you to reflect and inform while waiting:

  • Reflect on your feelings. How do I feel about this or that? What do I feel? How would I feel if I do this? Or that? You can inform others about how you feel, even before you find emotional clarity (Emotional — Solar Plexus Authority)
  • Verbalize whatever comes up and listen to what you're saying. Take this chance to inform others of what you are thinking about doing next (even though you don't have clarity yet). It is upon talking and informing that you'll find clarity to move forward (Ego Authority)
  • INFORM: don't forget, before moving ahead, you need to inform anyone who's impacted by your decision, even though you "informed" them already when talking about your feelings (Emotional — Solar Plexus Authority), or verbalizing whatever came up (Ego Authority).

Anyhow, whatever you decide to do or not to do, what you do should be a result of listening to your Authority, and never come from your mind. Manifestors who don't have the patience to listen to their Authority, almost always put their thoughts in control, which often leads to chaos, disaster, and anger.

Often it is wiser to practice patience, even though it feels unnatural to you, and you feel the tremendous pressure to do, but it's a skill that will come in handy, especially when you have Solar Plexus or Ego (Manifested) Authority.

For Manifestors, it is never about waiting for permission from others. You're designed to initiate on your own. You don't need other people to take action. But you do need to inform people who could be impacted by your decisions and actions. Don't forget, because this is your Strategy: inform.

A great way to practice patience is taking that necessary rest. You have an open Sacral Center, which means that your energy is not sustainable. You need to go to bed early before you're tired. And you need to take rest regularly, to give your body the chance to unwind en recharge.

Your ultimate goal is to find peace.
Peace is that place of no resistance. You're designed to dream and pursue your visions, doing what you want to do and are here to do, but... not from a place of impatience and mind-controlled actions, but out of a deep sense of calmness and inner stillness. Meditation could be an excellent practice for you :-)

Stay tuned! 
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