Business and value

"You can't do business beyond your own sense of value," I hear my teacher Karen Curry Parker say during on of our Q&A group calls.

Wow, that one really hit me!

If your own sense of value is not strong enough, you're going to compromise within your business. For example:

  • you will not charge enough money for your services,
  • you will be giving away too much of your time, and feel drained afterward,
  • you're going to misuse your energy,
  • etc.

If you don't value yourself enough, you're not building your business authentically. And if you're not building your business authentically, your business will not be sustainable. It is all connected.

What we long for is a sustainable world, with a sustainable economy, sustainable peace, and sustainable resources. At this time, we're in crisis, as you can feel and see around you.

We desperately need more sensitive leaders to take up their roles in the world, so that we can change the world. My teacher says that this sustainable world already exists in a Quantum dimension: we only have to tap into that and manifest it in our current world.

In order to tap into that, we will have to make authentic decisions that align perfectly with who we truly are. In this case, Human Design comes in real handy because it gives you the keys to unlock what has been hidden all these years, under layers of conditioning.

But... it all begins with your sense of value.
And that sense of value is found in the Ego Center.

If you have an undefined or open Ego Center, you're challenged to know your value. You take in so much energy from people around you, mistaking their energy for your own. Through this openness of your Ego Center, you're more vulnerable to the conditioning related to your sense of value.

But if you have a defined Ego Center, like me, you're also subject to conditioning. Having your Ego Center defined is not a safe-conduct for valuing yourself enough.

In my case, my value was never really confirmed by the people that matter most to me. I live in a family system of unplanned and unwanted children, and I was definitely an unplanned child from an unwanted (and unplanned) mother.

It really hurts, even though my sense of value should be somewhat strong, because of the definition of my Ego Center. The conditioning happening through my family system was stronger, and although I fought really hard to protect my value, there where numerous situations in which I lost my sense of worth.

My biggest challenge on this Earth is to feel truly valued.
This is a feeling I will have to create myself, through deconditioning, introspection, reflection, affirmation, and surrendering to the process of healing.

If you lack a sense of value, you should know that you're suffering from trauma.
The definition of trauma is any event that causes someone to question their lovability and value.

Trauma gets you out of integrity:

  • you are either controlling or wanting to regulate and manage others (Gate 21),
  • you deny yourself the necessary rest and renewal, by creating unhealthy agreements with yourself and others (Gate 40);
  • you're not authentic; thus you live a life of someone else (Gate 26),
  • and/or, you're not humble, but rather arrogant, putting your identity on the line, by denying your real purpose, role, and place on this Earth (Gate 51).

I have Gate 40 and 26 defined in my Ego Center, so for me, it is so important to guard my tongue and only speak the words, make the choices and act when it defends my value and the value of others (Gate 26).

I need to let go of the idea that other people have to "complete" me (or give me what I need) and stop looking for acknowledgment from the outside. I need to pull back and plug into my own source and create healthy agreements (Gate 40).

If you were wondering why your business keeps on stagnating, ask yourself: Am I genuinely valuing myself? Am I speaking with integrity and authenticity? Am I humble, making healthy agreements with myself and others? And do I take responsibility for my thoughts and actions?

Do you feel loved and valued?
If not, what can you do to give yourself the gift of love and validation?
It cannot come from outside. It must come from within.

You also build a business from within.
Sustainability comes from within, from engaging the right energy at the right time and with the right people, at least what is "right" for you, according to how you're wired as a human being, as a vital part of this Cosmic Plan. 

You can't do business beyond your own sense of value.
I'm curious about how you feel about this statement :-)

Stay tuned! 
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