Being a Projector amongst Generators — Part 2

I hope you managed to read part one of this series.
If not, you can revisit part one here.

I remember how I felt, sending that letter to my friends.
My heart bounced. I felt woozy and started to shake all over my body.

I felt like I was going to die.
At least, I knew that was not going to happen, but subconsciously, my body was preparing for a fight, flight, or freeze response.

Have you ever felt that way about something?

Relationships are a big deal to me.
I have the channel 37-40 activated in my chart, The Channel of Community, which is all about discovering where you belong, and wait to be invited in.

This Channel is all about relationships and family.
It happens to be so that in my life, everything is involved around relationships, whether it's about family or friendships or client relationships (or the lack of it, lol).

If I'm not around people, everything is fine.
But something is missing.

If I am around people, it all goes to sh*t, or it is like being in heaven... for a short while.

The Gate 37 is a Gate located in the Solar Plexus Center. If you have that Gate activated, it says a lot about how you emotionally connect with other people, through the waves of your Emotional energy.

It's not only this Channel or this Gate. I'm also a Projector.
Projectors need other people to live their purpose. They can't do it on their own. 

Getting recognition and invitations is crucial for a Projector to thrive.
And the funny thing is... that recognition and those invitations almost always come from Generator types.

We're designed to guide and direct the Generator type.
But living amongst Generators is our biggest challenge as well.

We're being pushed by the Sacral energy all around us. We feel the pressure to push through, keep busy, and never give up. But that's exactly the opposite a Projector should do. We're actually designed to wait. We're designed to BE, not to do.

How do you match that with a Generator world?

Well, first of all, how you match it is a personal thing. There isn't just one way or one solution for everyone. Every Projector will have to find that out for him- or herself.

But there are a few things I can say about that:

  • Waiting for the invitation is key. When you get a genuine invitation, based on the recognition of who you truly are and what you have to offer, you will likely feel like your life is fantastic. But if you don't wait, or the recognition isn't there; if you take on invitations that are not right for you, it will feel like nothing makes sense, and you will eventually get bitter.
  • Bitterness will always be part of your life, even though you try your very best to wait for invitations and recognition. It is just an emotion you will feel once in a while because you also have hopes and dreams and desires, and it is not always feasible to just wait. Accepting the waiting is hard, and, normally, you're not always ready or willing for that.
  • Generator types are all around you. They make up about 70% of the world's population, so it's very difficult not to run into them. And that's a good thing because Projectors and Generator types tend to work great together. You need them as much as they need you. But they don't always have that insight and understanding, nor is every Generator type "right" for you.
  • Generator types are as conditioned as you are. Just like you, they see the world through a personal filter, based on past experiences and traumas (everyone has them!). As a Projector, knowing about your "Projectorness" and their "Generatorness", you can feel frustrated when you realize they don't always see the things the way you see them. Also, totally normal.
  • Even when you get that invitation and recognition from the "right" person, you will still have to disconnect from all people around you to be able to relax, rest and get a good night's sleep. You need alone time, regularly. You need to get out of that Sacral energy regularly. Even if it's in the middle of the day, self-care is crucial for you to be able to thrive and be around Generator types.
  • Projectors and Generator types can't usually sleep in the same room. Although most people do, it is advised to sleep in separate bedrooms, so that you can disconnect from the Sacral energy. Why? That Sacral energy is constantly pushing energy into your undefined or open Sacral Center, which results in you continually feeling the push to do. You need your distance, being in your own energy, to be able to relax and sleep, preferably before you're tired.

As long as you follow your Strategy and listen to your Authority, taking the time to disconnect from Sacral energy regularly, having the courage to be vulnerable and say "no" when it is needed (you don't have to explain why!), you will be doing great!

But still, it's a challenge. Not everyone will understand how you're wired (most won't).

Your body is always looking for the most natural way of being. It is always trying to heal. You can resist because you feel afraid or want to avoid pain and conflict, but you will lose eventually. 

Your design will challenge you because it wants to decondition. Deconditioning is a way of healing and reconnecting with your true self. Life always balances itself out eventually, and you're part of life. There's no escape from that (or it will cost you all of your energy, health, and happiness).

But that doesn't mean that you will never feel uncomfortable.
On the contrary, healing asks of you to feel uncomfortable a lot of the times, showing up for the hard conversations (like I have with my friends now), and being vulnerable to make authentic decisions, despite what other people think.

It is the way of living your life courageously. 
Being a Projector is having a courageous life if you want to live your life authentically and be happy. It doesn't mean that you have to stand on top of the barricades, but it does mean that you need to listen to your inner guidance.

As Projectors, we may have to be more courageous than any other type (except for Reflectors, maybe), because this world is far from built for types like us. But because of being a Projector, we have so much to offer to the world; don't you ever forget about that.

It's so important, therefore, to know and stand in your own value.
It's so important to follow that Strategy of waiting and to listen to your Authority.
We truly are a blessing to this world, and as we come to evolve as human beings, you will notice that more and more Projectors will take on strong leadership roles, for we are the new leaders of the world.

But at the same time, you can only truly find your place in this world as a Projector, if you commit to the experience life brings you. That also does involve connecting with other people, of which mostly Generator types.

This all sounds like beautiful words, doesn't it?
Practically, it's way more complex and challenging, of course.
But you're not alone. We're all in this together, and as I said before: Projectors should stick together and support each other. Deal?

P.S. All my friends reacted with a lot of understanding and empathy. Although they will never know how it feels to be a Projector amongst Generators, they do accept me for who I am to the best of their abilities. It's also my responsibility, to be honest about how I feel and have the necessary hard conversations to clear the air ;-) Yay for me and my friends! (I hope you have great friends, too.)

Stay tuned! 
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