When is the right time to take action?

When is the right time to take action? 
For example: to launch a new online course, or bring a new idea into the world?

It first depends on your individual Human Design chart, of course. But then again, at least four times a year the...

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You should read the manual

"You should read the manual first", was something I would say all the time to my husband, who's a Manifesting Generator.

The fact is: he goes so fast, skipping steps, finding the most effective way to do something. And for me, a...

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What is Human Design?

human design Sep 01, 2019

Human Design is an excellent coaching tool, founded by Alan Krakower in 1987. In January of that same year, Alan encountered a “light” and a “voice” in his room on the island of Ibiza, which gave him the entire...

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My top 10 online tools to build my business

business marketing Aug 14, 2019

I get so many questions about online tools these days.
I know for sure that it can be a pain in the *ss finding the right tool to build your business online.

Through the years, I've researched and used lots of tools, and these are the...

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