Hi, I'm Daisy!

I’m a transformational coach and Human Design guide for curious and studious, highly-sensitive empaths like you, who love to invest time, energy, and resources in self-development and learning to leverage your inner power and potential.

I’m actually a huge nerd. I love to study, analyse and learn as much as I can through the subjects that interest me. That’s why I’m so passionate about Human Design, because it keeps on getting better and better, the deeper I dive and the more I learn.

But I wasn’t always like that…

My whole life, I have been living the life of someone else.
I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. We're all conditioned that way because yeah... there's a society and we need to be able to keep up and contribute, and take care of our families.

Of course, we're meant to be part of society, to care and contribute, but the way in which we're taught to do that doesn't work for a fair amount of the world's population. I would dare to say: 90+% !

Before I became aware of that, I needed to go through great ordeal, apparently.
I needed to find out for myself what was really important to me. And I can say, if you have ever experienced a severe panic attack, you'll know what I mean with "great ordeal". After years of overwhelming my nervous system, also not being able to deal with unresolved trauma, I developed a full-blown anxiety disorder at age 33. It took me several years to come back from that, with professional help.

I finally started to peel off the outer layers of my protective armor, only to discover A WHOLE DIFFERENT "me" underneath!
Oh boy, where have I been all this time?
That journey of self-discovery only got more fascinating when I accidentally (you know there's no such thing) encountered Human Design in early Spring of 2019.

My life has changed so much since that time.
I'm so in awe with these experiences and life lessons, as well as the wonderful system that Human Design is.
I just can't wait to share what I have learned with you, and I hope to support and guide you wherever I can.
Not as a bold sage from the stage but as a gentle guide from the side.

Wanna learn more?
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Relevant education

Human Design

  • Currently saving for Jes Fields' Energy Centers course
  • Living Your Design — Human Design America (US)
  • The Foundations of Human Design — Devon Martin (ID)*
  • Various courses — Karen Curry Parker (US)
  • Various courses — Jenna Zoe (UK)
  • Various workshops — Jessie Klein (US)
  • Various workshops — Sarah Salinas (US)
  • Selling for Projectors — Jackie Johnstone & Jes Fields (US)
  • Codes to Cash — Eden Carpenter (US)

Business, Mindset & Marketing

  • Currently saving for Denise Duffield-Thomas' Money Bootcamp
  • B-School — Marie Forleo International (US) (Read my story)
  • The Copy Cure — Marie Forleo International (US)
  • List Builders Lab 2.0 — Amy Porterfield (US)
  • Think & Grow Rich — Michael Pilarczyk (NL)
  • More Customers Quickly — Ninke van der Leck (NL)
  • Break Through to a 5 Star Business — Ninke van der Leck (NL)
  • Earn Big by Selling — Simone Levie (NL)
  • Facebook Advertising — Birgit Luijk (NL)
  • Facebook Advertising Professionals — Birgit Luijk (NL)

Psychology, Coaching & Healing

  • Practical Psychology — Sorag Akademie (NL)
  • Psycho- and Behavioral Therapy — Sorag Akademie (NL)
  • Body-oriented Psychotherapy — Sorag Akademie (NL)
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy — Sorag Akademie (NL)
  • Trauma Coaching — Sorag Akademie (NL)
  • Life Coaching — Civas (NL)
  • Discovering the Inner Mother — Bethany Webster (US)
  • First Trauma Aid: Awakening the Ordinary Miracle of Healing — Dr. Peter Levine (US)
  • Contemporary Somatic Psychology: Research & Applications — Dr. Chris Walling (US)
  • Various courses — Jelle Hermus (NL)
  • Ending the Inner War: The Joy of True Meditation & The Healing Power of Self-Compassion — Jeff Foster (UK)
  • Two Days Intensive on Relationships — Jeff Foster (UK)
  • Spiritual Psychology — Steve Rother (US)
  • Tera Mai Reiki & Seichem, level 1 & 2 — Conny Meuris (BE)
  • Reiki Shiki Ryôhô, level 1 & 2 — Judith van de Moesdijk (NL)
  • Reiki Shiki Ryôhô, level 3 (Master) — Martin Lee (US)

+ 25-plus years putting myself out there as a trained musician and vocalist
+ 12 years experience as a professional vocal coach & voice therapist
+ 15-plus years experience as an entrepreneur (and counting)
+ over the course of 25 years, I have been experiencing many forms of coaching and therapy as a client
+ I read 2 to 3 non-fiction books every month (currently reading: "Resilient" by Dr. Rick Hanson, "Me & White Supremacy" by Layla F. Saad & "In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts" by Gabor Maté — updated May 29, 2020)

* Affiliated


Daisy shares honestly from her own experiences, and looks at the situation with great understanding. I’m 100% sure that she only wants what's best for her clients. A person like her, I want to keep close to me.

Charlotte Boogaerts

Singer & songwriter

Daisy is a wonderfully warm person. She does business with her heart. She tells openly and honestly about her quests and explorations. You get valuable tips about doing business as a solopreneur!

Janien Leeuwerke

Coach & trainer

Always fun working with Daisy. So much valuable information for staying true to yourself and still working on your own business. Daisy is a lovely coach. Thank you, Daisy, for all your hard work and helping all of us.

Ann Van den Heuvel

Home & life organizer

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