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Space holder for the sensitive, 
awakened soulpreneur

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Are you a sensitive, awakened soulpreneur

hoping to make an impact and help to change the world?

Oh, boy, that can be a challenge!
I know from experience ;-)

There's nothing more satisfying than living out your true purpose in the world.
But to do that, you'll have to know what your purpose is.

Lots of people start with good intentions, only to end up with a business or occupation they don't want because they felt pressured into making money, discouraged by others, and confused about how things work. If you've been on the entrepreneurial journey, things you did learn and hear from others might not be the things that work for you.

Everyone has a unique blueprint from birth.
I'm here to help you decode that blueprint. I'm here to help you understand and start experimenting with your unique decision-making strategy because it means all the difference in the world.

Let's put back the fun in building and maintaining a business.
I invite you to have a look around on this website and hopefully find what you need to take the next steps. Or, you can drop me an e-mail at any time :-)

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"Daisy is a wonderfully warm person. She does business with her heart. She tells openly and honestly about her quests and explorations. You get valuable tips about doing business as a soulpreneur!"

Janien Leeuwerke — Coach & Trainer

Stay tuned!

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