Are you an empath wanting to create meaning in your life by building a business that actually has a positive impact on the world?

Personal development is a huge theme in your life. You see struggles in your life as learning opportunities to become an even better, more authentic version of yourself so that you can serve the world even more.

But… do you feel LOST or confused?

Maybe this is what you’re telling yourself all the time:

“I’m afraid to fail. I need my business to be profitable. I cannot afford to be a failure. I cannot go back to working a day job. I need this freedom to follow my own unique pace. Someone needs to tell me how I can find clients and earn a steady income so that I can keep doing this work. This is the work I love. This is what I live for. But I don’t know how to make it work. Something must be wrong with me.”

First of all, pat yourself on the back: YOU ARE SO COURAGEOUS!
Lots of people wouldn’t even dare to start their own business.
You are one of the few who do, and that makes you a true adventurer.

We’re not talking about conventional entrepreneurship, do we?
The kind of entrepreneur you are I call a SOULpreneur.

You’re in it with all of your heart and soul, and that’s why it’s so painful for you, knowing there’s a chance you could fail.

And that’s exactly why I’m here.
To help you, support you, and stand with you throughout this extraordinary journey. YOU ARE NOT ALONE in this!

Soulpreneurship comes with empowered leadership, making authentic decisions, and being aligned with who you truly are.

But how do you get there from a place of feeling lost?

I’ve discovered a wonderful tool that does just that.
It’s called Human Design, and it has changed my life.

For example: knowing that I’m a Projector changed my whole perspective on doing business. Whatever I did before could never work for a person like me. I got so frustrated and bitter, driving away clients instead of attracting them.

You could actually be doing the opposite of what works for you just because whoever advised or coached you, doesn’t know who you truly are. It has cost me a tremendous amount of energy, time, and money. And for what? For nothing, because nothing seemed to work.
I would hate that to happen to you.

And realistically, most of my clients went through that before they met me.
Of course, it’s not all negative: you also learned what DOESN’T work for you, but you had to learn it the hard way, like me.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to just cut to the chase and doing what works right away?

Human Design brings you back to who you were born to be.
I genuinely wish for you to experience that: reconnecting with the authentic you, with your creative flow, building a business that is 100% aligned with how you are designed as a unique and gifted human being.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

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