How to thrive as an empath
in this crazy, upside-down world...

Human Design: the journey of self-discovery & self-empowerment

Imagine a world in which everyone would live according to their true nature instead of forcing their way through life as is expected of them. Imagine your own life and how it would look like if you wouldn’t have to compromise your own needs for the sake of others.

How free would you feel if you didn’t have to worry about that anymore?
If you could just be who you are, uncompromised, without feeling guilty?
If you could just stop having to keep up and live at your own natural pace?
And if you could do all that and help others even MORE?

I truly believe we all have a unique Design which makes us an indispensable piece of the puzzle we call life.
I truly believe that we all have a unique gift that the world needs.

But we live in a world where we’re conditioned to be someone we’re not.
In our current world, it’s kinda impossible to thrive as a human being on every level if you try to live up to society’s expectations.

And still, it is possible to be true to yourself AND be OF the world, instead of fleeing from it.
Still, it is possible to live at your own pace AND stand with your two feet IN the world, right here, right now.

I won’t say it’s easy because it is not.
But I know for sure that it’s a fascinating and extraordinary journey meant for us to take.

Let me present to you: Human Design, or the Journey to Self-Discovery and Self-Empowerment →

Hello, I'm Daisy!

I’m a transformational coach and Human Design guide for curious and studious, highly-sensitive empaths like you, who love to invest time, energy, and resources in self-development and learning to leverage your inner power and potential.

I’m actually a huge nerd. I love to study, analyse, and learn as much as I can through the subjects that interest me. That’s why I’m so passionate about Human Design, because it keeps on getting better and better, the deeper I dive and the more I learn.

But I wasn’t always like that…

Read my story →

What do you say?
Wanna explore how you could thrive in this crazy, upside-down world?
Believe me, it’s definitely worth it!

Let’s dive into the rabbit hole (but step by step, pinky-promise) →

With love,


Daisy shares honestly from her own experiences, and looks at the situation with great understanding. I’m 100% sure that she only wants what's best for her clients. A person like her, I want to keep close to me.

Charlotte Boogaerts

Singer & songwriter

Daisy is a wonderfully warm person. She does business with her heart. She tells openly and honestly about her quests and explorations. You get valuable tips about doing business as a solopreneur!

Janien Leeuwerke

Coach & trainer

Always fun working with Daisy. So much valuable information for staying true to yourself and still working on your own business. Daisy is a lovely coach. Thank you, Daisy, for all your hard work and helping all of us.

Ann Van den Heuvel

Home & life organizer

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